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We are a specialist CSR consultancy & marketing agency specifically focused on planning, PR, cause marketing & strategy for corporate social responsibility (CSR) activity. 

We help you improve Society, Sustainability & Sales with CSR Consultancy and Cause Marketing Creativity.


CSR activity requires careful planning, strategy and implementation.


PR4CSR saves you time by suggesting causes, aligning brand purpose and developing strategy for your CSR.


We also allow you to spend more time focusing on CSR by carrying out specialist public relations and marketing about your CSR activity. 

Improving Marketing and PR about your CSR activity increases your revenue.

More revenue = more funding for projects which help society & environmental sustainability.

As a passionate freelance network of CSR Consultants & Cause Marketing Specialists,

we provide Consultancy, Cause Marketing and PR for CSR.


PR4CSR was founded in 2016 after seeing that there was a need for CSR and marketing strategy to come together. The approach needed for corporate social responsibility marketing is specific and differs in style compared to traditional marketing campaigns. For example, effective press releases from other parties are a key part of CSR marketing campaigns.


Our academic, volunteer and commercial experience is extensive. PR4CSR has the connections and contacts to develop and run effective promotion campaigns in all aspects of marketing. We understand that standing out from the crowd is important as much as identity and so we align our CSR consultancy to fit your brand values and vision. 

We provide ideas and planning to help you improve society and sustainability.



Let's work together to help your brand improve society & sales.
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