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Cause Marketing

We are a specialist Cause Marketing agency combining CSR consultancy and Cause Marketing. 

Cause Marketing can be defined as the pairing and promotion of brands with causes to help society. A cause can be a charity or action to improve society, the environment, work conditions and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Cause Marketing is closely linked with CSR and the term Cause Marketing has come to encompass the promotion of CSR activity as well as charitable causes.


Cause Marketing is about pairing brands and causes to help society. Synergies between brands and causes have to be carefully considered and selected. Cause Marketing helps to create great relationships between brands and consumers, helping society and company growth. 


As a specialist Cause Marketing agency we offer expertise and insight as well as creativity, strategy and implementation. 
Our academic and commercial experience as well as our connections is what makes PR4CSR different.  


Our Cause Marketing Agency Process: 
1.    Company assessment, vision, values, capabilities and differentiation
2.    Cause selection, analysis and plan
3.    Cause Marketing Strategy Presentation  
4.    Company approval for the strategy
5.    Help implement the Cause Campaign 
6.    Multi-channel marketing to promote the cause and your activity 
7.    Presentation showing the societal & marketing results 

Whether you choose the whole process or part of it. Our consultants can help you with any aspect of cause marketing from research, idea generation and planning to implementation itself. 

We believe that CSR is an essential part of overall business strategy. 
PR4CSR was created as a Cause Marketing Agency to encourage CSR and responsibility. 


Our rapid creativity and strategic innovation is what makes us different. 


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