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Using Twitter for Marketing CSR

As of the first quarter of 2016, Twitter averaged at 310 million monthly active users. 80 percent of users accessed Twitter via their mobile device at the end of April 2015.

Twitter is a huge marketing opportunity with various ways of attracting peoples attention and raising awareness. Liking posts, re-tweeting, tweeting to, quoting, tagging, #hashtags, direct messages, adding to lists, promoted tweets and promoted hashtags. These various techniques should be used when appropriate and PR4CSR specialises in knowing what is appropriate for promoting CSR activity.

There are also ways to automate the awareness techniques using various software which saves time and improves the efficiency and effectiveness of campaigns. Using software like Hootsuite allows the scheduling of posts and also 'Social Listening' to determine which accounts to interact with and understand what audiences are communicating about.

Good customer service is also a key part of corporate image and responsibility. Twitter in now an integral part of customer service and PR4CSR can help decide and implement your strategy.

Moreover there are opportunities to get CSR activity posts to be shared by accounts with large amounts of followers, such as @TriplePundit and @3BLMedia, as well as individual influencers in different areas.

PR4CSR specialises in developing relationships with these people and organisations, developing influencer marketing strategies to give your CSR the most exposure possible.

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