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How Effective is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Strategy and Marketing?

CSR Marketing

Today many large companies have CSR departments and expert employees to manage CSR activity. Company image and reputation are important and the benefits of CSR are significant.

Here are some key points from various sources about the benefits of CSR and its promotion:

An important point is also that employees like to work for socially and environmentally responsible companies. So CSR conscious companies are often able to attract top talent.

Sales and profitability can also be improved by CSR activity. This can be as a result of perhaps recyling efforts saving costs as well as competitive differentiation from improved brand image.

These examples show the impact of CSR on Sales and profits:

These points highlight how CSR is an important part of business strategy. Furthermore effective CSR often incorporates activity from all parts of the business due to the work force motivational benefits as well as efficiency. Transparency in supply chains can also be a CSR strategy which can be seen as a competitive advantage in this age of the 'conscious consumer'.

The effectiveness of CSR strategy and marketing campaigns depends on the level of planning and promotion, as with all marketing and PR campaigns.

Ultimately CSR helps improve sales, profits, motivation and society as a whole. This makes it very effective.

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