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PR for CSR

As our name implies, we're experts in PR for CSR.

Public Relations for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity.

We are PR specialists focused on driving as much awareness as possible for your CSR activity. The more aware people are of your CSR activity, the more aware they are of your brand and the more likely they are to buy your products or services. This means you're able to earn more and can therefore fund more CSR activity to help society, sustainability and employee motivation.

PR for CSR

Gaining awareness isn't easy; it takes strategy, direction and determination. As a specialist PR agency, PR4CSR has the experience and media connections to run all kinds of PR campaigns efficiently and effectively. PR is an important part of promoting your CSR activity to benefit from the positive awareness that CSR brings.

PR is all about positive awareness and the commercial benefits that brings. Like CSR, PR encourages people to think and speak positively about your brand. It improves your reputation, gives you more exposure and improves your relationship with the public.

Customer Advocacy is a key benefit of good PR. As customers hear more good things about your brand in different places, they're more likely to mention and recommend your brand to their connections.

There are various things that are part of our PR for CSR services such as:

- Deciding on the right messaging and the right audience for the PR communications.

- Aligning your CSR, brand purpose & PR messaging & press releases.

- Creating & distributing interesting press releases amongst news publications.

- Reaching out to different publications to promote your CSR, offer real-world examples and share your expertise.

- PR via Social Media & Social Media amplification. - The PESO Model: Paid Media, Earned Media, Shared Media, Owned Media.

- Tools & techniques for reporting on the results.

With CSR activity in particular, the style of writing, content, messaging and context are key for effective PR campaigns as well as the research, planning and audience selection.

If you would like help with PR for CSR, we're experts who can advice, plan and help you implement specialist PR campaigns with tangible results. As we're also CSR consultants, we also have the expertise to help you improve your brand's CSR activity & your strategy to improve both society & sales.

Contact us to find out more: | 01234 714 226

We look forward to hearing from you.

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